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Making the science of
singing and speaking


Speech Pathologist &
Singing Voice Specialist

Accessible Vocal Technique
for Singers, Executives, and Professional Speakers 

I am passionate about grounding vocal freedom in science based vocal function - and while I'm all about that anatomy, you are more than just a pair of vocal folds! You are a person who deserves to find joy in expressing with your voice, whether that's on a Broadway stage, the TED talk stage, or to your loved ones over dinner.

No matter your level of technique or vocal health, you and your voice do not need "fixing." You simply need the tools, understanding, and guidance that allow your own growth and path to efficiency and freedom to emerge.


This is a collaborative process, where together we ensure that you can experience the differences in your voice and what you're doing to achieve them. To me, this is not one-size-fits-all - you and your voice are unique, and different people benefit from different approaches. I customize the work I do with each client so that your needs are met with a plan that suits you.

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"...she was nothing short of spectacular...she was able to teach me to...not only restore my normal voice but sustain it..." read more

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Learn to sing with joy and freedom while establishing a technique rooted in science - and have fun doing it!



Let your thoughts be expressed in a way that feels authentic and efficient, empowering you to feel comfortable and confident.

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Get the science-based guidance you need to restore your vocal health. Your voice isn't "broken" - you just need the right tools.

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VOCAL health lectures

Knowledge is power! Host a vocal health lecture for your studio, school, summer program, or organization


Meet Your Vocal Wizard!


Sarah is a speech-language pathologist, singing performer, and singing teacher based in New York City. Before going into full-time private practice, Sarah maintained a clinical caseload at the Grabscheid Voice and Swallowing Center of Mount Sinai for 5 years as well as an adjunct faculty position at Pace University teaching the graduate level voice disorders course. Sarah regularly presents educational lectures on vocal health and performance. Her research has covered a wide variety of topics in voice, swallowing, and upper airway disorders. In 2022, her study on training graduate level SLP students in voice therapy was presented nationally at the Fall Voice Conference.

When not fulfilling her mission to make vocal technique and voice therapy more accessible through her empowering teaching and training, Sarah enjoys performing on a regular basis herself. A classically-trained soprano who performs as a crossover artist, Sarah earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance at Chapman University. She later earned an MS in Speech-Language Pathology from Northwestern University, where she focused her studies and training in voice rehabilitation.


Sarah holds a Certificate of Clinical Competency in Speech Pathology, is certified in Level 1 and 2 Estill Voice Training, and is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s SIG 3, a nationally-recognized special interest group in voice and upper airway disorders. Her specialized combination of singing background, performance experience, and clinical education and expertise have enabled her to serve elite performers including Broadway performers, Metropolitan Opera singers, and Netflix actors.

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