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Before becoming a voice-specialized speech pathologist, I trained in opera for several years including a Bachelor of Music degree from Chapman University. Much of my training had been metaphor based, and while my voice improved initially, I eventually hit a major road block my junior year of college. My voice developed atypical muscle tension patterns and even the perfectly crafted metaphor couldn’t pull me out of my habits. It wasn’t until I pivoted to a clinical career in speech pathology and adopted  a science based training program that my voice started to improve…and fast!

My clinical Master’s at Northwestern University and my applied experience at Mount Sinai Voice Center taught me two main things: teach the patient how to feel and hear the difference and give them specific exercises that directly target the anatomical change.  This ultimately kickstarts the motor learning process and empowers the individual to troubleshoot on their own outside of sessions!

We'll keep it practical  & specific

And make it all about you.

As I transitioned into being a voice teacher for Broadway performers and international opera singers, the same science-backed principles applied.  I developed a method of critical thinking that invites the student to be a part of the process to identify what science-based methods work best for their unique instrument.  My team and I prioritize you and your goals while helping you to unlock your vocal potential and improve your vocal health!


Professional Bio

Sarah is a singing teacher and licensed speech pathologist based in New York City. Before going into full-time private practice, Sarah maintained a clinical caseload at the Grabscheid Voice and Swallowing Center of Mount Sinai for 5 years as well as an adjunct faculty position at Pace University teaching the graduate level voice disorders course. Sarah regularly presents educational lectures on vocal health and performance, most recently with the Institute for Vocal Advancement and Tu Experiencia Broadway. Her research has covered a wide variety of topics in voice, swallowing, and upper airway disorders. In 2022, her study on training graduate level SLP students in voice therapy was presented nationally at the Fall Voice Conference.

When not fulfilling her mission to make vocal technique and voice therapy more accessible through her empowering teaching and training, Sarah enjoys performing on a regular basis herself. A classically-trained soprano who performs as a crossover artist, Sarah earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance at Chapman University. She later earned an MS in Speech-Language Pathology from Northwestern University, where she focused her studies and training in voice rehabilitation.


Sarah holds a Certificate of Clinical Competency in Speech Pathology and is certified in Level 1 and 2 Estill Voice Training. In 2020, she was awarded a Distinguished Early Career Professional certificate by the American Speech and Hearing Association for her impact on the voice field. Her specialized combination of singing background, performance experience, and clinical education and expertise have enabled her to serve elite performers including Broadway performers, Metropolitan Opera singers, and Netflix actors.

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