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We offer 60 minute lessons, targeting a scientific approach to singing technique in a safe space. The structure is flexible, but generally involves warming up and technical work for the first half and then working on whatever song material you would like to explore.

In your inquiry, please let us know your voice goals, styles of singing, and prior experience. While Sarah specializes in working with professional level performers, the studio has a team of teachers ready to help you meet your voice goals whether you're a beginner or a pro!

Voice Lessons
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Voice therapy sessions are for those who have been diagnosed with a voice disorder (phonotraumatic lesions, muscle tension dysphonia, vocal paresis, atrophy, etc). You must have had a laryngeal exam (videostroboscopy) completed by a physician. These sessions target vocal health strategies and efficient speaking and singing voice in order to aid vocal recovery. The studio is not currently accepting insurance at this time.

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Voca Rehab


We offer 60 minute sessions targeting speaking voice technique to help make the voice more reliable, flexible, and strong. We also work on content creation, story telling, and charisma skills. Public speaking clients include actors, radio hosts, news anchors, lawyers, professors, online personalities, and anyone seeking more confidence in their speaking voice technique and style.

Public Speaking
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Vocal health lectures are offered to voice studios, acting studios, summer vocal programs, university voice departments and more! These are presentations on vocal health and technique, the content of which can be catered to each unique audience. The information provided is an essential part of training for any singer, actor, or voice professional, as it guides them toward a sustainable vocal career.


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