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Empowering others to find what feels and sounds best in their voice bring me great joy! By giving them the tools they need to make mindful and strategic choices with their voice, they are able to express and communicate as independent vocal thinkers.

Here are the words of some of the wonderful talent with whom I've had the pleasure of working!

David Schwimmer head shot.jpeg

I began working with Sarah after sustaining an injury, and she was nothing short of spectacular.  In close collaboration with my ENT, she was able to safely pinpoint and patiently teach me the exact vocal exercises and techniques required to not only restore my normal voice but sustain it.  I'm incredibly grateful to her -- and hope whoever reads this is granted the same opportunity.


David Schwimmer

Actor / Director


Sarah teaches with utter precision. Her foundation in both opera training and speech pathology informs her ability to understand your specific voice like no other teacher I’ve had. She has a number of quick tricks that I love to apply when preparing for my work, and she teaches them with real technique so I’m able to absorb them easily and apply them as I coach myself through songs beyond our sessions. Whether on FaceTime or in person, Sarah teaches like an old friend. Never a minute is wasted on irrelevant chatter though! Something rare within the exclusive New York teacher sphere. 

Micaela Diamond

Lucille Frank, Parade, Broadway


Sarah is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with. I had 16 years of private vocal training before I started with Sarah, and she is the first person to help me truly understand my instrument. For years I was told to “think of a feeling or placement” in order to achieve a specific sound, which gave me inconsistent results because I didn’t know how to replicate the anatomy on my own. Sarah provides me with physical adjustments and practical exercises to help me reach my vocal goals, and explains how those adjustments affect the structure of the sound so that I have a real understanding of my voice. On a personal note, Sarah is passionate, lovely and welcoming, she meets me where I am with no judgment, and she makes what can often be a vulnerable experience feel safe and exciting. Studying with her is truly a privilege!


Jade Bender

Senior Year, Netflix


Working with Sarah has given me confidence in my live singing for the first time. As long as I’ve been touring (4+ years), I've had polyps, which has made the idea of performing consistently feel like a fantasy, as I was constantly losing my voice and never sure what would come out when I sang. Late last year I found out I had the polyps removed with surgery and I was terrified of getting back on stage. Sarah helped me regain the confidence to get back on stage again (and then some) with her gentle and effective teaching style! She is incredibly patient, kind, and easy to work with. I’ve learned SO much over the last few months and now I am actually excited to play shows again!!


Lindsey Jordan of Snail Mail

Peter Hargrave Headshot.jpg

Sarah is scientific, practical, and more specific than any teacher I've ever had. She made observations within one lesson that created a path to unlocking range, stamina, confidence, and positivity that I had long lost touch with. I came to her with fears of vocal fatigue and limited vocal range; the rare combination of having Sarah simultaneously provide coaching as a speech-language pathologist and experienced singing teacher elevated every aspect of my instrument in ways I didn't think were possible. Due to her unending knowledge, unbelievable passion, and vocal health expertise I’m sustaining a challenging role and singing E2-A4 eight times a week. There is not a more accessible, personable, informed, or joyful teacher out there.

Peter Hargrave

Scar, Lion King, Broadway National Tour

Nathan S.png

Voice lessons with Sarah Brown are a therapeutic exercise in accepting the sounds and uniqueness you bring to the table while learning to expand on deeper parts you didn’t know you had. Her unending knowledge in pedagogy, musical theater history and technique is incomparable, and yet still manages to pale in comparison to her kindness and support.

Nathan Salstone

Anthony and Tobias u/s, Sweeney Todd Broadway

Orpheus u/s and Swing, Hadestown  National Tour

Georgia KH.png

As a professional voice-user living and working in NYC, it's been a gift to have the opportunity to work with Sarah; her knowledge and expertise are vast, not to mention her own experience as a professional singer/actor. Sarah has not only helped me through physical vocal issues (in her role as an SLP), but she's also helped me hone my warm-up and vocal exercise patterns, advised me on repertoire work, and discussed the psychology of being a working performer. As a performing artist, Sarah has "been there" and gets it like an insider, and her SLP know-how of the vocal mechanism - including how to achieve the best singing results - is so incredibly helpful for her students! She's always got a solution or an answer to a voice question, and delivers them with the utmost calm and warmth. An absolute jewel of a teacher - any singer would be lucky to have her in their arsenal!

Georgia Kate Haege

Donna, Mama Mia! Broadway National Tour & Law and Order SVU


Working with Sarah has been an absolute joy and thrill.  As a musical theatre performer with operatic voice training, Sarah’s background in opera has really helped my personal journey into navigating other areas of my voice.  It’s clear that she really tailors her technique to each individual and their own needs and goals.  I have made enormous strides with every lesson I’ve taken with her and I’m able to continue that work through my own practice in between sessions with her warm ups and lesson notes.  She offers support for auditions and is so easy to communicate with.  I am so grateful for her knowledge and support.

Caitlin Finnie

Christine, Phantom of the Opera National Tour


Working with Sarah has been life changing. I came to her looking to heal my vocal polyps and to safely get back to singing. She did BOTH. I feel so much safety in our voice lessons knowing that she knows the science behind the function. Not only did I book a LEAD role in a NY theatre job just weeks after working with her, but I finally found my vocal freedom. I no longer have fear of losing my voice or hurting myself and she's given me the access and technique to sing any genre of singing. Working with Sarah helps you find vocal longevity as well as tools that you can use on your own. She helps you become a strong, independent, and aware singer. 

Gina Ward

Mopsa, Head Over Heels at Gateway Playhouse

Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 1.00.01 PM.png

Sarah is everything that I've been looking for in a voice teacher. She teaches with unparalleled clarity and precision, which has allowed my voice to develop in ways I never thought possible. Sarah has effectively  diagnosed and addressed vocal challenges that I’ve been struggling with for years in a matter of weeks. She has a singular ability to translate the endless complexities of singing into clear, actionable adjustments. Sarah's technical expertise is rivaled only by her kindness and support.

Daniel Neale

General u/s, To Kill a Mockingbird  National Tour

Camilla Clark -  Headshot - Polka Dot.jpg

I’m so glad to have found Sarah! She is truly a unicorn of a voice teacher. It was really important

to me to find a teacher who applies an evidence-based approach and who can break down the

physical processes of singing in a way that is easy to understand. Sarah can do both! Since she is

a Speech Language Pathologist, you can always be sure that Sarah will ensure the health and

longevity of your voice, which is so necessary for the eight shows a week demanded of musical

theatre singers. Sarah can help you apply a healthy technique across a range of styles, and is

equally adept at teaching opera, musical theatre, pop, you name it! I could not recommend her

more highly.

Camilla Clark

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! National Tour

Danielle Bavli Opera Headshot.jpg

Working with Sarah has completely changed my life, my technique, my understanding of the voice, and my confidence as a singer. I began working with Sarah in a clinical setting after some disordered speech habits had begun to affect my singing voice, and soon thereafter I began working with her privately as a voice teacher. For me, her expert scientific approach to vocal function has felt like the missing piece of the puzzle in a lifetime of voice lessons. Her ability to diagnose exactly what she is hearing from a physiological perspective and apply concrete and straightforward solutions to address each issue is truly phenomenal. The anatomical science that is at the center of her approach to technique has equipped me with holistic bodily awareness and knowledge that have completely transformed me as a singer. Prior to working with Sarah, I had been receiving some consistent technical criticism for years, and after about just four months of working together, those salient issues were resolved. My work with Sarah has made me feel more in control of my practice and my progress than I ever have before, and I am more empowered and optimistic than ever about my singing!

Danielle Bavli, MM

Opera singer & Voice teacher


I started working with Sarah during the pandemic to build up my vocal stamina and develop healthier vocal hygiene, and it’s honestly the best thing I’ve done for myself in years. I’m an artist and a songwriter and spend most days recording vocals in my apartment, and it’s super important to maintain healthy vocal cords so I can continue doing what I love. Sarah helped me create a warm-up and warm-down routine, and learn how to access a healthier, more powerful mix. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about both singing technique and how the cords function on an anatomical level, and I’ve learned so much from our sessions. Most importantly, she’s helped me build up my confidence. I’ve always struggled with career-related anxiety, but working with her has been hugely transforming on both a technical and mental level.


feat’d on Hero (acoustic) by David Guetta and Afrojack


Sarah’s understanding of the voice as both a singer and an SLP makes her a completely revolutionary singing teacher. Even with years of previous training, I have always struggled with certain aspects of singing that almost instantly clicked when I started working with Sarah. She approaches the voice as a full body instrument, supports vocal and full body health, is always growing and expanding her teaching techniques, and completely tailors her exercises and approach to each individual. Sarah is not only an incredible teacher who ensures results, she is also caring, supportive, kind, and approachable. I am so grateful to have found her and could not recommend her enough!

Isabel Springer, MM

Opera Singer & Voice Teacher

Dominic S.png

Years ago, sick as a dog, I was referred to Sarah to look at what was going on vocally. I was one month away from tour, and could barely speak. Working with Sarah for a few weeks got me up and running, and soon enough my voice had felt the best it had ever been on the road. The exercises Sarah had shown me have made it into the regular rotation with my own students. If you get the chance to work with her - Do it!


Dominic Sahagun

Berklee College of Music & The College of Saint Rose

Cardiff G.png

Sarah is terrific! After just a few sessions with her, I had greatly improved the clarity and durability of my voice when speaking on mic. And it also felt much better. I no longer experienced the typical soreness after long recording sessions. Sarah is also a total delight to work with. She really listened to the specific voice problems I was dealing with and crafted a series of exercises that I could practice on my own. I warmly and enthusiastically recommend her!

Cardiff Garcia

Host/Reporter, NPR The Indicator from Planet Money

Leanne G.png

When I received the invitation to give a Tedx Talk, I was excited but of course aware of how mountainous this task would be (especially since I am used to giving more academic or research presentations). Coaching with Sarah turned what could have been an overwhelming project into a manageable journey; she enthusiastically supported me from first drafts to final product. We worked not only on content, structure, and word choice, but we spent time diving into the nuances of performance, such as inflection, speech rate, facial expressions, and performance anxiety tips. She even helped me add humorous moments. Our coachings not only helped me prepare my talk, but more importantly, my confidence grew in this style of public speaking.


Leanne Goldberg, MS, CCC-SLP

TEDx Speaker 2021, Speech Pathologist

Albert N.png

In working with Sarah I finally found someone that really knows how MY voice is working and what it needs. 

I am amazed how personalized every session was, going through steps where I had difficulties with so much patience and care. When I first walked in I had this “foggy” voice that I couldn’t find a way out of, but I could clearly see the difference in only 2 sessions with Sarah. Of course part of the progress is also putting in the work at home with all the carefully instructed steps she lays out for you. I am grateful to have met and worked with such a genuine person in all aspects. I recommend Sarah 10/10, thank you for everything!


Albert Nolaj

Singer/Songwriter, New York, NY


Sarah’s clinical work with our mutual voice patients is reliably and audibly tangible. Sarah carries an innate sense of how to hone in on our patients’ issues at initial patient encounters, and uses her strong understanding of the fundamental principles of voice therapy to help guide patients and elicit productive change. She cares deeply for her patients and students, and is dedicated to their improvement and success. Sarah is an outstanding voice therapist and colleague, and a model for the others in our field.

Dr. Sarah Rapoport, MD, Laryngologist

Georgetown University Hospital

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